The Juice Journal – Volume 9

We hope everyone has filled their new year up with resolutions and had their dose of black eyed peas! We’ve been keeping warm while running around town executing tons of fun events for our clients. 2014 proved to be one of our best years yet and we’re gearing up for another one right on its heels. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and amazing vendors for making it all possible for us to paint the town PINK! A few changes have left our team bigger than ever too! No strangers to the industry, Lauren Waldman and Halle Addison are two new additions to the Juice team this past quarter. Lauren joins us as Creative Services Manager and Halle as Coordinator assisting in all aspects of our business! 

From rallying for the Dr. Pepper SEC tailgate to following Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole, Juice has been to all ends of Atlanta stretching our creativity far and wide. We took industry trends head on and actualized various events such as a fine china women’s tea luncheon, several glistening holiday parties, a Westside fireside dinner and a carnival themed New Years Eve bash! Keeping creativity at the forefront, each event was custom, unique and memorable. 

SEC_Dr_Pepper_Boxes IMG_0140 IMG_3486

Juice Event Spotlight: A Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole & Flights at Delta

We love hosting FAMs and recently orchestrated one consisting of two full blown evening events for a local CVB. On the first night at the GICC we followed Alice down the rabbit hole into the whimsical world of Wonderland. As if the Mad Hatter himself designed the party, we created a stunningly crafted tablescape featuring tea pots, clocks, books and candles and even escalated the eye upward to clocks hanging overhead. Grass furniture with over grown flowers surrounding the vingnettes created the vision of Alice curled up under a tree as corked vials of drinks labeled “Drink Me” were handed out to guests. 

The following evening guests were taken to new heights at the Delta Flight Museum. Each of these guests checked off a bucket list item by dining under a jet airliner with an unforgettable evening under the wings of the 1982 Spirit of Delta. A long white estate table with a monochromatic tablescape composed of bling and glass was accented by pops of Delta red on the tables and surrounding uplights. Guests were offered a different kind of “flight” as they sipped on wine tastings provided by a sommelier who explained the various types of vino and why she paied them with the evening’s fare. 

From the smallest details like the corked vial drinks, to the overall impact like the grandeur of the plane, Juice is perfecting what it means to stand out. We’d love to create a custom event for you down to the very last juicy detail. 

IMG_3379 IMG_3347 IMG_3430

What’s Hot Right Now –  Meeting & Event Trends We’re Crushing On…

  • bean_bag_general_session

    Outside the Box Seating Styles ~ Trade in those boring crescent rounds for an alternative  seating style! Attendees will have way more fun sitting in bean bag chairs or comfy lounge furniture accented with branded pillows during general sessions than those drab banquet chairs. 

  • Don’t take a hike, take a flight! ~ We all know beer, wine and liquor will always be around at the bar, but consider taking the bar experience to the next level by offering “flights.” This new craze is hitting the nation in all pockets – wineries in Napa, breweries in Colorado, and distilleries in Kentucky. Present them on a branded wooden serving board or customized tasting sheets, either way your guests are sure to enjoy the ride! 
  • Rustic, Mid-Century Decor ~ This classic look is making its way back into warehouses and on the forefront of event decor. The neutral pallete it provides emits a welcoming and moldable ability to transform a space. We love this look because in the South – rustic is always in style!
  • Marquee Lights – They’re Here to Stay ~ When indsutry leaders were asked what’s in store for 2015, a popular answer was the consistancy of marquee lights. Whether they are centered on stage during a general session or adorning a back bar at a reception, something about the exposed bulbs and enlarged letters allows a brand name or even a simple initial to create a bold statement. We here at Juice also love our name in the marquee lights! 

Juice Team Member Spotlight: Kris Shea 

juicebio_ksheaOne of our two “Krises”, Kris Shea is one of the partners at Juice Studios with over 20 years in the meetings and event industry. Prior to co-founding Juice Studios, she worked in all aspects from transportation to production and wearing every hat in between. She is our go-to gal for everything from marketing to online registration and communications. Self described as “somewhere in between client services and operations” she’s a true assest with a vast knowledge of the industry and a keen tool to making each event a success. 

Here are some fun facts about Kris:    

  • What is your favorite hobby? 
    Concerts! Boy do I love a good concert – from Luke Bryan to Foo Fighters, I love it all!
  • What inspires you? 
    My two boys, Gavin & Colin – the stuff they are learning in the 6th and 4th grade now is so hard! I was not exposed to some of those everyday things they face until high school.
  • What is your favorite Atlanta restaurant? 
    Barcelona – such a great place for brunch or dinner. I love the vibe and of course the food! 
  • What is your New Years Resolution? 
    To take a photography class. I’m on week 2 and just got a new lens for my camera for Christmas. Hopefully I can actually learn something! 

  • Fun fact about Kris:  
    When I was 25 I quit my job and backpacked through Europe for 2 months. When I came back, I got my first job in the hospitality industry and have stayed ever since.