Juice Studios began as an idea between four friends in 2004. Since then we have exceeded plenty of clients expectations and planned hundreds of amazing events all over the country. But as they say, one man can be a crucial ingredient on a team, but one man cannot make a team. It is our team that makes the Juice difference. Read below and see why.

Kris Hammett, Vice President, Sales

Kris Hammett

Vice President, Sales

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Kris Shea, Vice President, Business Development

Kris Shea

Vice President, Business Development

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Angie Winckler, Vice President, Operations

Angie Winckler

Vice President, Operations

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Ellen Woodard, Vice President, Operations

Ellen Woodard

Vice President, Operations

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Lauren Long, Creative Services Manager

Lauren Long

Creative Services Manager

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Leigh K. Chandler, Senior Meeting and Event Planner

Leigh K. Chandler

Senior Meeting and Event Planner

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Lawren Williams, Accounting, Controller

Lawren Williams

Accounting, Controller

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Anna Williams, Associate Director of Sales

Anna Williams

Associate Director of Sales

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Taylor Levy, Sales Manager

Taylor Levy

Sales Manager

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Halle Addison, Meeting and Event Planner

Halle Addison

Meeting and Event Planner

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Megan Andrews Smith, Junior Creative Services Coordinator

Megan Andrews Smith

Junior Creative Services Coordinator

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