The Juice Journal – Volume 9

We hope everyone has filled their new year up with resolutions and had their dose of black eyed peas! We’ve been keeping warm while running around town executing tons of fun events for our clients. 2014 proved to be one of our best years yet and we’re gearing up for another one right on its heels. Thank you to all of our wonderful clients and amazing vendors for making it all possible for us to paint the town PINK! A few changes have left our team bigger than ever too! No strangers to the industry, Lauren Waldman and Halle Addison are two new additions to the Juice team this past quarter. Lauren joins us as Creative Services Manager and Halle as Coordinator assisting in all aspects of our business! 

From rallying for the Dr. Pepper SEC tailgate to following Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole, Juice has been to all ends of Atlanta stretching our creativity far and wide. We took industry trends head on and actualized various events such as a fine china women’s tea luncheon, several glistening holiday parties, a Westside fireside dinner and a carnival themed New Years Eve bash! Keeping creativity at the forefront, each event was custom, unique and memorable. 

SEC_Dr_Pepper_Boxes IMG_0140 IMG_3486

Juice Event Spotlight: A Tumble Down the Rabbit Hole & Flights at Delta

We love hosting FAMs and recently orchestrated one consisting of two full blown evening events for a local CVB. On the first night at the GICC we followed Alice down the rabbit hole into the whimsical world of Wonderland. As if the Mad Hatter himself designed the party, we created a stunningly crafted tablescape featuring tea pots, clocks, books and candles and even escalated the eye upward to clocks hanging overhead. Grass furniture with over grown flowers surrounding the vingnettes created the vision of Alice curled up under a tree as corked vials of drinks labeled “Drink Me” were handed out to guests. 

The following evening guests were taken to new heights at the Delta Flight Museum. Each of these guests checked off a bucket list item by dining under a jet airliner with an unforgettable evening under the wings of the 1982 Spirit of Delta. A long white estate table with a monochromatic tablescape composed of bling and glass was accented by pops of Delta red on the tables and surrounding uplights. Guests were offered a different kind of “flight” as they sipped on wine tastings provided by a sommelier who explained the various types of vino and why she paied them with the evening’s fare. 

From the smallest details like the corked vial drinks, to the overall impact like the grandeur of the plane, Juice is perfecting what it means to stand out. We’d love to create a custom event for you down to the very last juicy detail. 

IMG_3379 IMG_3347 IMG_3430

What’s Hot Right Now –  Meeting & Event Trends We’re Crushing On…

  • bean_bag_general_session

    Outside the Box Seating Styles ~ Trade in those boring crescent rounds for an alternative  seating style! Attendees will have way more fun sitting in bean bag chairs or comfy lounge furniture accented with branded pillows during general sessions than those drab banquet chairs. 

  • Don’t take a hike, take a flight! ~ We all know beer, wine and liquor will always be around at the bar, but consider taking the bar experience to the next level by offering “flights.” This new craze is hitting the nation in all pockets – wineries in Napa, breweries in Colorado, and distilleries in Kentucky. Present them on a branded wooden serving board or customized tasting sheets, either way your guests are sure to enjoy the ride! 
  • Rustic, Mid-Century Decor ~ This classic look is making its way back into warehouses and on the forefront of event decor. The neutral pallete it provides emits a welcoming and moldable ability to transform a space. We love this look because in the South – rustic is always in style!
  • Marquee Lights – They’re Here to Stay ~ When indsutry leaders were asked what’s in store for 2015, a popular answer was the consistancy of marquee lights. Whether they are centered on stage during a general session or adorning a back bar at a reception, something about the exposed bulbs and enlarged letters allows a brand name or even a simple initial to create a bold statement. We here at Juice also love our name in the marquee lights! 

Juice Team Member Spotlight: Kris Shea 

juicebio_ksheaOne of our two “Krises”, Kris Shea is one of the partners at Juice Studios with over 20 years in the meetings and event industry. Prior to co-founding Juice Studios, she worked in all aspects from transportation to production and wearing every hat in between. She is our go-to gal for everything from marketing to online registration and communications. Self described as “somewhere in between client services and operations” she’s a true assest with a vast knowledge of the industry and a keen tool to making each event a success. 

Here are some fun facts about Kris:    

  • What is your favorite hobby? 
    Concerts! Boy do I love a good concert – from Luke Bryan to Foo Fighters, I love it all!
  • What inspires you? 
    My two boys, Gavin & Colin – the stuff they are learning in the 6th and 4th grade now is so hard! I was not exposed to some of those everyday things they face until high school.
  • What is your favorite Atlanta restaurant? 
    Barcelona – such a great place for brunch or dinner. I love the vibe and of course the food! 
  • What is your New Years Resolution? 
    To take a photography class. I’m on week 2 and just got a new lens for my camera for Christmas. Hopefully I can actually learn something! 

  • Fun fact about Kris:  
    When I was 25 I quit my job and backpacked through Europe for 2 months. When I came back, I got my first job in the hospitality industry and have stayed ever since. 

The Juice Journal – Volume 8

The leaves are changing and a cool breeze is in the air. Fall is our favorite time of year here in Atlanta and we are ready for this season of pumpkins, comfort food, and giving thanks. We are so thankful for our amazing clients, outstanding event partners, and awesome vendors.

Reflecting back on Q3 it was a quarter of firsts. Juice Studios has a history of breaking the mold and this quarter was no exception. We created unique event experiences by exploring the newest venues and we left no creative outlet unturned! One particular corporate outing, we produced a buyout of the newest Buckhead hotspot, Painted Pen. Over on the West Side, we created a low key environment for an intimate concert at Terminal West. We also had our very first event at Ponce City Market. Here at Juice we rounded out another creativivty-filled quarter with our standard of excellence in logistics with flawless airport transfers, a seamless Meet & Greet for 550 attendees, 10 city tours and a cool Super Hero themed meeting at the Renaissance Waverly for a new, local client to Juice!


Juice Event Spotlight: Bourbon & Bluegrass

One of our favortie events in recent history popped up quickly (like – in a weeks time!) and went down in true Southern style at the Georgia International Convention Center. A key car manufacturer came to us to put together a celebratory evening for their dealers. We brainstormed multiple exciting theme concepts but the winner was Bourbon & Bluegrass – a nod to Southern style and flavors.

Comfortable, soft seating groupings in tufted leather and home-style twill, along with communal high top farm tables, cocktail rounds in glistening green satin, and suede-covered high boys were just some of the perching points at this dynamic event. Entertainment included dueling pianos in one area, with a talented acoustic duo in another zone – offering something for everyone to get their perfect experience.

So what are you waiting for? Let Juice Studios’ imagination bring your next event to life. We tackle every event with creativity and precision – no matter the nature of your event or the setting.


What’s Hot Right Now – Meeting & Event Trends We’re Crushing On…


  • Living Decor ~ Bring your decor to life with accents that come alive. Lamp shade ladies or living trees are ways we are seeing event decor come to LIFE heightening the attendee experience through the incorporation of the unexpected.
  • Pampered Guests ~ More and more of our clients are asking for primp & pampering stations at their events. So, for example, their guests can get their nails painted in the look of the event – aquatic-inspired for the aquarium or glistening silver for a holiday party. The men aren’t left out – chair massage, shoe shines, even clean shave chairs are great ways to get male attendees engaged.
  • Multi-Functional Furniture ~ Don’t just sit, recharge! We’re not just talking about recharging your feet, devices can also be charged on new multi-functional furniture from lamps to electrical-wired benches.
  • The Return of Hard Apple Cider ~ For years wine, beer, and liquor have been the main draws at the bar, but lately we are seeing the return of hard apple cider to the mix. From the mass-produced to the craft microbrews, seasonal infusions, and limited editions, apple cider is a great opportunity to weave the season into your bar. Consider an interactive blend-your- own cider station giving guests the opportunity to be involved in tailoring their experience.

Juice Team Member Spotlight: Angie Winckler

juicebio_awincklerAngie is one of the partners at Juice Studios with over 16 years in the meetings and event industry. Prior to co-founding Juice Studios, Angie worked with other organizations ranging from international production conglomerates to a statewide non-profit. Her ability to rock every program – her largest at 4,000 attendees – to the smallest events makes her an absolute asset. Angie loves working at Juice because we are large enough to deliver great national work, but small enough to give all of our clients our utmost attention.

Here are some fun facts about Angie:

  • Where is your favorite vacation spot?
    The Ritz-Calrton Amelia Island because it has a kid friendly environment while still catering to the adults – it’s magical to find a place where both kids and adults are equally entertained!
  • What is your favorite Fall tradition?
    My family has always made gingerbread houses during the Thanksgiving holiday to have displayed during Christmas. As we have gotten older, the gloves have come off and there is some fierce competition to have the most detailed and unique house!
  • What is your favorite place to shop? I love supporting small businesses. I always have great luck at 310 Rosemont in Virginia Highlands. I’m a hunter, not a gatherer and they have just the right amount of items to choose from! I am inspired by… Positive energy! Anytime you’re around someone who has good energy, its infectious! You get more bees from honey than you do vinegar!
  • Fun fact about Angie:
    I went to an all women’s college and out my group of girlfriends from school, we collectively have 25 sons and only 3 daughters.

The Juice Journal – Volume 7

Hello sweet summertime! While our team has been enjoying the warm weather and sunshine, our days have been anything but lazy! This quarter we’ve been beating the Georgia heat by keeping busy creating imaginative and exciting events for our clients.

This quarter we executed a range of fabulous programs including bringing the outdoors-in for a corprate group at the Loews, complete with farm tables and tin buckets filled with greenery and sunflowers. We created an interactive casino and game night for a group of interns at the Wyndham in Peachtree City. Even the Beluga Whales got to get in on the action this past quarter, as Juice assisted with a magical event at the Georgia Aquarium Ballroom. Highlights include a photo op featuring a 3-dimensional ship wreck facade, live bubble entertainment, and an underwater-inspired salon in the prefunction space. This was a true WOW factor event that blew attendees away!

In addition to our exciting and busy quarter of programs, we added two new members to our team for our annual internship program: Christina Jones and Halle Addison. They are Atlanta natives who have been interning with us for the summer before heading back to college for their senior years (Christina attends the Univeristy of South Carolina, while Halle is a student at Auburn University). These ladies have been wonderful orange and pink additions to our team. We have enjoyed providing them with first hand knowledge and experience that will help further their careers.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.10.03 PM

Juice Event Spotlight: The Week We Painted the Town Pink

Did you happen to see pink and orange at every hot restaurant, venue, and attraction in June? During one “SuperBowl” of a week in June, we assisted three different clients concurrently in what added up to be a total of over 1,500 attendees – all transfered round trip to/from Hartsfield-Jackson. With a large number of attendees came over 220 vehicles and of course Juice Studios staff to ensure all of our guests had smooth travels. We had 96 staff members help Juice as we executed this exciting and busy week, working over 530 hours total (not including drivers)! The highlights of this week included a 16 restaurant dine-around, a day of tours with six custom itineraries, and an underwater experience at the Georgia Aquarium.

Attendees were able to see just how much our great city has to offer – especially in a short amount of time. One of the largest dinearounds in Juice history, 500 guests were split up into groups going to some of Atlanta’s many A-List Restaurants such as Chops Lobster Bar, Miller Union, Rathbun’s, and Lure. An adventurous day of touring took place at Turner Field, The High Museum of Art, The World of Coke, the CNN Center, and so many more of Atlanta’s awesome sites!

To end our SuperBowl week in style, we created a mixed metal look with luxurious gold and shimmering silver accented decor to fill the ballroom at the Atlanta Marriott Marquis for an Awards Banquet. A beautiful display of gilded succulents with beaded chandeliers and votives were used as centerpieces to tie together this mixed metal look. It was a perfect ending to our eventful week! We owe a huge thank you to the over 34 vendors who helped us execute all of these events – success is not possible without excellent partnerships.
So what are you waiting for? Let Juice Studios’ imagination bring your next event to life – we tackle every event with creativity and precision no matter the nature of your event or where the setting.

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.10.14 PM

What’s Hot Right Now – Meeting & Event Trends We’re Crushing On

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.10.25 PM

  • Contemporary Cocktails ~ There is an ever growing demand for imaginative drinks to pair with all of the gourmet catering trends. We have seen tea infusions, herbal, and floral ingredients take stage. Tea bars and custom drink mixing stations are all the rage to get your guests interacting – our signature muddling action stations have thrilled the senses of hundreds of attendees while also teaching them about one of mixology’s key elements – muddling.
  • Scream for Ice Cream…Sandwiches ~ Cool down your taste buds with exciting ice cream sandwich creations. For inspiration on the art of the reimagined ice cream sandwich look no further than Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream or Atlanta’s Atomic Ice Cream Sandwich where ice cream artisans are perfecting these delectable treats creative taste twists. How about a build your own ice cream sandwich bar at your next event?
  • Adventure Activities ~ Attendees are bored with the same old activities – we’re seing a demand for exciting activities that take people outside of their comfort zone. Hot air balloon rides? Zip-lining? Or maybe even swimming with the sharks at the Georiga Aquarium? Nothing says fun and memorable like getting your group out of their comfort zone! Sharing adventures will bring your group together in a unique way.

Juice Team Member Spotlight: Kris Hammett

Screen Shot 2016-04-19 at 4.10.32 PMOne of Juice’s two “Krises,” Kris Hammett has over 16 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Kris is all about developing successful relationships for mutual benefit: this means creativity, service, client advocacy, fiscal accountability and overcoming challenges along the way. Her focus is always on problem solving, innnovating until the right solution presents itself. She may be small in stature but her creativity and energy is an enormous inspiration to the team.

Here are some fun facts about Kris:

  • Where is your favorite Southern tradition?
    Catching fireflies in mason jars, it is just so magical!
  • Where were you born and raised?
    I am a true Southerner – Brevard, North Carolina.
  • What is your favorite place to shop?
    ANYWHERE. Seriously 🙂
  • Favorite Atlanta Restaurant:
    Currently, St. Cecilia! Between the environment and the short rib agnolotti, it is truly my happy place right now!
  • Fun fact about Kris:
    It may seem like an unlikely setting for me, but I LOVE camping. Campfires are my favorite part…I just can’t get enough s’mores!

Destination: Atlanta, Updates from the Capital of the South

Atlanta is one of the hottest places to be and visit right now. 2013 was an exciting year for the city with the addition of the Sky View, development of the Beltline and ground breaking on many new projects that are finally coming to fruition. In this post we will be doing a roundup of some of the projects opening in 2014 that we are excited about.

The Streetcar is slated to begin service to the public in May. The first route is a loop that connects Downtown’s convention district and big attractions (such as the World of Coca-Cola and the Georgia Aquarium) eastward to the Sweet Auburn Area, Old Fourth Ward, and the King Historic District. This awesome new mode of transportation will empower visitors to explore while also enriching the lives of locals.

The College Football Hall of Fame, located in the heart of downtown was fully framed out as of January 16th and is projected to open August of this year. This state-of-the-art facility will be a great location for excursions and tours as well as events. We are excited to see all of the interactive and engaging exhibits filled with unique artifacts and information.

Historically Atlanta has a distinct place in the American Civil rights Movement, so the addition of the Center for Civil and Human Rights to the Atlanta landscape was a natural fit.  This downtown facility aims to “honor the past” and “shape the future” through innovative exhibits and programs. Slated to open in May, the Center will provide a new event space to the downtown line up while also being a great excursion location with many interactive elements.

Krog Street Market is a new Inman Park mixed-use development slated to open in July. Located in a converted 1920’s warehouse the market has already signed on an impressive list of restaurants and retailers. Their market-style setup of stalls helps small, local businesses establish a presence outside of farms market and festival setups so that consumers can support local every day. We’re especially looking forward to Top Chef alum Eli Kirshtein’s The Luminary and Chef Ford Fry’s “Mex-Tex”-inspired restaurant.

Ponce City Market is another exciting venture and a landmark project by being the largest adaptive reuse project in Atlanta’s history by transforming the historic Sears building into a fantastic mixed use community or retail, residential, and fabulous restaurants. We see this being a great destination for an outing to give visitors a feel for Atlanta’s vibe combining chopping, culture, and cuisine.

For the ultra high-end Atlanta visitor looking for fine dining and world-class shopping, Buckhead Atlanta is in development. While the developers have been someone hush-hush about who they’ve signed the Atlanta Business Chronicle lists some of the rumored restaurant and café spots in this article and the retailers that are confirmed can be seen here. Needless to say this development will be high-end and luxury-centered, providing a new arena for events and outings that we are excited about!

There are many more exciting projects and developments forthcoming in Atlanta including the new Falcon’s Stadium, the move of Turner Field and the development of its new locale into a mixed-use destination, as well as the announcement of Atlanta’s new Major League Soccer team! So much to look forward to for both residents and visitors of the capital of the south, Atlanta!

The Juice Journal – Volume 6

Goodbye Winter and hello Spring! We are jumping for joy at the beautiful weather we’ve been enjoying so far and looking forward to another gorgeous Atlanta Spring for our clients. With much to look forward to, we take a moment to recap Q1 which passed quickly with many great programs all around town.

As is the Juice Studios way, we created exciting twists and unique details for every client and every program. We helped a software client infuse excitement into their awards dinner by creating unique centerpieces atop gorgeous upgraded linens, as well as adding some modern elements suspended above. We facilitated another fabulous dinner at the Georgia Aquarium, complete with compelling entertainment and exciting underwater-inspired decor. What a pleasure we had working with some of our favorite venues, hotels, restaurants, and vendors!

We added a new team member this quarter – Elise Sloggett, Creative Services Manager. We are excited for our clients and vendors to experience her unique aesthetic and design creativity. As we move into the second quarter we are pumped up for all of our upcoming events – so much goodness is coming down the pipeline! This is going to be a great quarter of strengthening existing partnerships and executing programs in new ways. Happy Spring!


Juice Event Spotlight: A Bold Awards Dinner with Graphic Touches

A bold color palette was used for this commercial development firm’s awards dinner at the Grand Hyatt in Buckhead. Vibrant reds were juxtaposed with classic black and white, topped with a hint of purple for a vivid, warm infusion. Graphic striped lampshades on metallic bases were alternated with modern florals on light boxes for added dimension to this design. Lots of metallic and high-shine surfaces created a playful dance of light and enriched the modern, luxurious feel of this evening.

So what are you waiting for? Let Juice Studios’ imagination bring your next event to life – we tackle every  event with creativity and precision no matter what the nature of your event or the setting may be!


~ Awards Dinner To Remember ~

Spring into Summer Trends  – What’s in right now?  

juicejournal_6_image3As we enjoy another Atlanta Spring blooming with possibility, these are the trends we are crushing on right now. 

  • Balloons Are Back ~ Not your parents’ ballons – we’re talking about exciting balloon innovations. Balloons lined with confetti, painted, presented in unique colors and configurations, oversized, suspended as ceiling treatments and more.
  • Upgraded AV ~ Go beyond the basic with video mapping and other awesome offerings that provide additional ambiance and infusion through the use of technological advancements in lighting and projection.
  • Health-Conscious Noms ~ Paleo is huge. Kale is an obsession. The ever-increasing shift to healthier fare is something we’ve been noticing for months. The key here is to maintain a unique and compelling presentation and of course keep menus balances with a couple of indulgences.
  • Selfie Booths ~ Instead of doing a formal photographer-assisted photobooth or am old-fashioned booth, we’re seeing a trend toward creating unique, fun photo backgrounds with props and encouraging attendees to do the rest. #Selfies, anyone? Provide a focal hashtag for your event that everyone can use to share their photos. Bonus points for a live feed of the photos projected on a wall or straight to a flat screen where your attendees can enjoy.
  • Go BRIGHT ~ Neon has been gaining momentum in fashion and that is crossing over into events as we see more bright, modern colors being infused into event design. Mix your neon with metallic, let it popo against white or go wild with a mix of neon on neon!

Juice Team Member Spotlight: Regan Morgan 

juicejournal_6_image4Regan is one of Juice Studios’ operations all-stars. With a go-getter attitude this Georgia peach has a bright smile and impeccable style in addition to being a logistical genius. Since joining the team last year Regan has racked up a long list of successful programs. We are so lucky to have her on our team and we know our clients and vendors enjoy her stellar event management style.

Here are some fun facts about Regan:

  • Where is your favorite vacation spot?
    Amelia Island is up there on the list!
  • What is your favortie TV show? 
  • What is your favorite food?
    All Southern food! Mac n’ cheese being the ultimate.
  • Favorite Atlanta Restaurant: 
    Muss & Turners followed by a visit to Eleanor’s!
  • Fun fact about Regan:  
    Coffee ice cream with rainbow sprinkles is one of her favorite treats.